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Eset Remote Administrator

What ESET Remote Administrator Does:

  • Remotely Deploy ESET products
  • Remotely manage your networked clients
  • Keeps you informed of client ESET Status
  • Remotely modify your users ESET configuration
  • Run reports on all ESET clients
  • Run remote scans of client machines

Key Features:

  • Group management – Set up and use groups to simplify management and reporting of workstations and servers.
  • Simplified remote installation – Automatically checks whether all machines on the network have ESET installed and install software onto machines which aren’t protected.
  • Centralised quarantine management – Restore or delete quarantined objects from the console based on specified criteria or exclude them from further scanning.
  • Policy management – Define and enforce policies consistently throughout your network. Policy Manager makes it easy to import/export, apply, inherit and merge policies in a variety of ways.
  • Cross platform management – From a single console remotely manage all machines running current and previous versions of ESET Endpoint Security, ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows, Mac and Linux and mobile security products.
  • Notification management – Notifications are highly customisable and allow for monitoring of a broad range of incidents (status of machines, possible virus outbreak or network attack, finished tasks, license expiration or server errors and warnings).
  • Firewall rules merge wizard – Retrieve, merge and push out firewall rules from any combination of endpoints from your network.