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Here at Purchasing IT we always strive to provide you with the best service possible. Whether that be pre-sales advice, sending your order to you, or post sales help.

Below are what our customers have to say about us:

Very good customer service. Quick, Efficient and generally great service.

Spenser Wesson

Because of the financial restrictions affecting schools and the cut-backs involving providers of SLAs; service which were previously undertaken within Service Level Agreements are now having to be undertaken by the schools.  We have never previously purchased software licences but recently found overselves in the situation where we needed to.  I found the website of PurchasingIT on the internet and spoke with a member of staff on the telephone.  He was sympathetic to our predicament and gave excellent advice in a jargon free manner.  I have purchased licences and have just received and email to say they are ready to be used.  Thank you PurchasingIT and expect a return visit on our future requirements.

Fred I'Anson

Thanks for a truly amazing service. It's an easy order system and my keys were emailed to me well within the 1 hour time span.

Over all a fantastic service.

Bernie Lomax